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Our training labs offer expert instruction for anyone using Git or GitHub including junior or experienced developers, non-developers, managers, system admins, and documentation writers.

We leverage exclusive partner resources at GitHub to upskill our own staff and provide deep-dive training across GitHub Core, Migrations, Advanced Security, Advanced Actions and apply the best elements of platform engineering, including: cloud, devops, devex, and cd automation to real world cases.

training your teams to use the most advanced software platform in the world.

Our goal at InfoMagnus is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in everything GitHub.

Our expertise runs deep in ALM/ SDLC/ DevOps, while focusing on branching strategy, developer process automation and increasing velocity.

GitHub for Non-Developers
Course Overview

Having diverse skill sets and roles within a team leads to successful outcomes for an organization.

Our two-day hands-on training for “GitHub for Non-Developers” course focuses on teaching those that do not develop software for a living the confidence to speak the language of GitHub, while teaching the basics on how to leverage the platform to improve their own work.

  • Those who work with developers
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance
Key Features and Benefits
  • Introduction to GitHub for collaboration, version control, project management, and content management
  • Understand how every person fits into the bigger picture of software development
  • Increase transparency through collaboration best practices
  • Use GitHub to document everything from markdown meeting notes to software documentation on GitHub Pages
  • Introduction to the benefits of GitHub Platform capabilities, including DevOps, CI, and CD
GitHub for Developers
Course Overview

Our GitHub for Developers training allows teams to gain confidence with Git and GitHub.

With two days of hands-on, practical instruction from our GitHub experts, your team will come away confident in their ability to use Git and apply GitHub Flow to their existing projects.

They’ll also be better equipped to handle common situations that come up when working in a distributed version control system. And, perhaps most importantly, they’ll learn how to collaborate more effectively to write better code.

  • Developers
  • Quality assurance
  • Security
  • Project Managers
Key Features and Benefits
  • Understanding how to use Git and GitHub is essential for anyone who wants to work in software development. However, it can be difficult to learn these tools without a hands-on experience. That’s why, during our training sessions, we create multiple individual repositories for each learner.
  • This allows them to get a real-world understanding of how these tools work in actual repository projects. As a result, they leave our training sessions with the confidence and knowledge they need to use Git and GitHub effectively in their own work.
GitHub Actions
Course Overview

Our GitHub Actions training course offers clients a full curriculum on how to use GitHub Actions to automate your workflows. 

The training allows teams to begin leveraging GitHub Actions in their own projects, while highlighting its core functionalities across a multitude of use cases, including: CI, CD, administrative tasks, project management, and more.

We give teams ample time to engage with our GitHub Actions experts through presentation and demos and Q&A sessions. 

When training is finished, teams will understand how to automate their own workflows and understand key concepts like workflow syntax, secrets management, runners, how to build custom actions, and best practices.

  • Developers
  • Team leads
  • DevOps teams
  • Engineering managers
Key Features and Benefits
  • Understand the key components of GitHub Actions
  • Improve the developer experience
  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks
  • Learn how to use GitHub Actions to solve common use cases
  • Learn how to leverage actions built by the community
  • Explore how GitHub Actions can benefit your own projects
  • Understand how to apply best practices
GitHub Admin Enterprise
Course Overview

GitHub Enterprise Admin Training equips your admins with the tools they need to maintain a healthy GitHub environment that meets the demands of your development team.

The training begins with a focus on the various options and customizations available on GitHub, allowing admins to get a comprehensive understanding of the platform. Once the basics are mastered, the training will explore opportunities to extend GitHub to accommodate even the most demanding workflows.

By equipping your admin team with the skills they need to get the most out of GitHub, you can be confident that your development team will have all the support they need to be successful.

  • GitHub application admins
Key Features and Benefits
  • Properly configure your GitHub Enterprise account to meet your organization’s needs
  • Improve the developer experience by selecting appropriate organization settings
  • Identify the recommended options and configurations to reach your desired outcomes
  • Enable protected branches, issues, GitHub Pages and more
  • Demonstrate daily and advanced user behavior on GitHub
  • Locate metrics from your GitHub Enterprise organization
  • Audit critical activities performed on your GitHub Enterprise account

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