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embrace the open-source mindset

With our GitHub and DevOps services, companies no longer need to face redundant efforts and costs associated with homegrown in-house solutions to meet changing business and technical requirements.

Our technologists deliver on the well-architected framework and accelerate mission-critical business objectives through developer velocity. As a verified Github partner, we help organizations achieve their most ambitious goals.
What We Provide
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We assess and build a roadmap that fits the goals of your organization.
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We provide up-front cost estimates for GitHub operations.
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We build fully configured GitHub systems tailored to your requirements.
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We provide staff training and on-going support with managed services.

software development on the most advanced platform in the world

Our GitHub Enterprise services provide a universal solution that supports growth, eliminates wasteful efforts, reduces delays and drives a unified culture that meets the most challenging business objectives.

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enterprise-grade development

We are changing the way software is built and delivered with GitHub Enterprise and modern DevOps capabilities.

Improved Efficiency

With GitHub, we optimize developer efficiencies that lead to faster code checking review; less rework; greater code reuse; better adherence to best practices; configure of development environments, and less time for repositories to be provisioned.

Improved DevOps

InfoMagnus’ GitHub Enterprise solutions enables clients to build cohesive toolchains, while supporting modern DevOps capabilities.

Utilizing feature sets within GitHub like cross-team sharing, our DevOps teams deliver optimized efficiencies across the entire systems development lifecycle by streamlining collaboration among cross-functional DevOps teams.

Alerts & Insights
Improved Security

Implementing the latest in DevSecOps and using native CI/CD capabilities, InfoMagnus delivers accurate, actionable security reviews within the developer workflow.

With vulnerability alerts and insights, GitHub Enterprise provides a solution that results in more secure code from testing and fewer vulnerabilities making it into production.

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