Harness the Future of Development with InfoMagnus India.

At InfoMagnus India, we bring together over two decades of technological leadership and innovation to offer unmatched GitHub solutions.

Empower Your Projects with Unparalleled GitHub Expertise.
From complex migrations and advanced security to  training workshops and continuous integration, our certified experts are dedicated to elevating your development lifecycle.

Experience the synergy of global insights and local
expertise, driving your business forward with strategic, efficient, and secure software solutions.

Join us in transforming challenges into opportunities with the power of GitHub.
Seasoned Experts and Diverse Experience That Drives Innovation.
Solution Delivery & Strategy:
Our holistic approach encompasses seamless GitHub migrations, backed by comprehensive training and advisory services, ensuring your strategy translates into execution.

With our proven leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, we guide your projects from conception to completion, setting new benchmarks for success.
DevOps, & Continuous Innovation:
Experience the transformative power of our innovative approach to DevOps and infrastructure.

Utilizing GitHub, we revolutionize collaboration and accelerate your release cycles through optimized CI/CD pipelines, pushing the envelope to find new efficiencies and bespoke solutions that keep you ahead.
Development Leadership:
Discover how our leadership in development, coupled with an expert command of Microsoft technologies, can empower your team.

By weaving GitHub into the fabric of our development practices, we enhance workflows with .Net, Angular, and Xamarin, setting a new standard in software development efficiency and innovation tailored to your needs.
Security Compliance & AI:
We blend full-stack development excellence with uncompromising security compliance, ensuring your projects are not just completed but exceed the highest standards.

Our forward-thinking commitment to AI advancements with GitHub Copilot and continuous learning means your solutions are always at the cutting edge, shaping the digital future.
We Carry Accreditations In:
GHAS | API | Non-Developer | Developer | Admin | Actions | Workflow | Migration
Microsoft Solutions Partner: Digital and App Innovation Azure.
Microsoft Solutions Partner: DevOps with GitHub on Azure.
Microsoft Solutions Partner: Data and AI Azure.
InfoMagnus India is not just about delivering projects; it's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
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Chandra Garimella
Chandra Garimella
Director - Technology and Project Management
With over two decades of leading cross-functional teams globally, Chandra epitomizes IT leadership.

His expertise spans solution delivery, program management, and strategic business development, with a keen focus on nurturing talent and fostering strong customer relationships.

Chandra has championed numerous GitHub migration projects, offering unparalleled training, technical advisory, and consulting services.

His certifications as an Azure Data Scientist Associate, and GitHub Admin underscore his comprehensive mastery in driving technological innovation.