data and analytic solutions that drive intelligent business decisions

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define, understand and grow with data

We help companies rethink existing systems, architectures and processes with a team of data scientists, business analysts and analytical leaders that provide the right support no matter the size or scope.

We help clients define digital culture, digital ethics and data-for-good initiatives that bring insights full-circle to understand, nurture and grow both inside and out.

helping organizations rethink with data
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the foundation

experience the tangible–understand the outcomes through analytics

We believe data is the foundation of an organization, while analytics helps shape and tell the complete story.

In order for an organization to succeed, it’s imperative that business keep pace with the right tools and technologies available.

At Infomagnus, our dedicated teams have been delivering solutions from the pilot stage on through enterprise-wide projects to support data and advanced analytics initiatives.

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Data Visualization
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Advanced Analytics
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Database Integration
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Machine Learning
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Data Science Concepts
"The complex data warehouse and analytical system InfoMagnus developed has become our backbone for customer satisfaction and sales tending analytics."
– Kevin Riegelsberger
Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer, Avalara, Inc.
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shaping the future with data and analytics

We work directly with clients to assist in creating the right infrastructure to harness the true potential of your data.

Our data scientists provide technological insights and methodologies in application migration, databases, storage and data centers to maximize business value, faster.

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Data Visualization
Our experts can make your data speak to you with the help of powerful visuals through customs dashboards and reporting.
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Advanced Analytics
With the appropriate use of artificial intelligence and ML technologies, we help you draw new insights and gain competitive advantages with data.
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Machine Learning & AI
Looking beyond the conventional and working with today’s leading technology providers in ML and AI to give clients a customized roadmap, tuned to their specific needs.
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Database Integration
Delivering solutions that offer a 360 degree view helping you determine an approach that allows you to gain the most on your ROI.

helping companies achieve their business goals through modernization

Our data scientists and analytics teams provide technological insights and methodologies to operationalize and deliver insights that lead to greater understanding and growth.

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