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engage, create, transform

We define, develop and deliver custom software by aligning your project goals with a methodology that provides a consistent guideline to easily establish and handle the critical factors involved in projects, including: resources, budget, team members, timeline, and stakeholders.

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custom software solutions delivered with discipline
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custom software that delivers transformation far beyond the solution

We believe in building custom software that fosters an environment with direct, clear communication and open collaboration.

At InfoMagnus, our goal is to ensure every client is involved in the decision-making process, while providing the right amount of direction that drives the right decisions and delivers the competitive advantage you’re looking for.

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Requirements Gathering
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Product Development
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UI/UX design Services
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Delivery & Support
technology platforms
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We establish and commit to your success utilizing today’s top technology platforms and partnerships.
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moving forward

a future realized and supported

Our goal is to not only provide you with a working solution, but to also equip your organization to be self-sufficient.

This includes helping develop your team as it learns new technologies and approaches to IT excellence. We intend to achieve success with you, not for you.

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Customer Focused Design
Engaging with you and your customers enables us to more easily turn up opportunities for increased value in interface design, process implementation and user expectations.
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Measured User Efficiency
We measure the time it takes our people to complete tasks allowing us to create a baseline that sets new system performance expectations in terms of user efficiency.
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Persona Driven Prioritization
We build a set of personas that describe the categories of users that interact with the system. This measurement is used as a baseline to set new system performance expectations in terms of user efficiency.
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Point Based Estimation
We estimate features using a method called points-based estimation to quickly size items and easily determine what features will cost more than others.
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Software Walkthroughs
We rhythmically engage with the business to solicit feedback on the current software version. This drives better clarity, regular feedback, and gives us the ability to constantly course correct.
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Analysis Engagement
We actively test the software on a weekly basis to determine progress against business objectives. Our analysts serve as a guidance system for the program throughout the construction life-cycle.
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