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migrate Microsoft SQL Server to the cloud with AWS and InfoMagnus

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we accelerate cloud initiatives and deliver SQL migrations to AWS EC2

We help organizations take the first step in transitioning SQL databases to AWS EC2.

Our data architects work to ensure a seamless transition without disruption to your business. Whether you're looking to rehost or rearchitect, InfoMagnus will deliver a solution that fits your organizations needs.

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Accelerate Business Transformation
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Reduce Operating Costs
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Improve Security and Compliance
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Develop Cloud Skills
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Increase Agility and Innovate Faster
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Scale Without Costly Roadblocks
enterprise data migration solutions
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the roadmap

we deliver strategies that drive outcomes

No matter where you stand in your cloud journey, our team of architects work with clients to understand workloads, determine migration types, management options, and approaches that deliver a successful move to cloud.

We can move your application’s underlying resources from an on-premise data  center to the cloud as-is. The application codebase remains the same, the infrastructure is migrated to cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), including cloud-based storage, compute, and network resources
We take the application codebase, which largely remains the same, while it is migrated to cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), including cloud-based storage, compute, and network resources. Developers can reuse investments in languages, frameworks, and containers, thus leveraging the organization’s strategic code.
The legacy monolithic application is re-architected according to the micro-services model, containerizing them and rolling out modern DevOps practices. This involves decomposing or dividing your monolithic application into a collection of services that can be built, deployed and managed independently.

your cloud journey starts, today!

Rehosting is a popular choice for organizations looking to quickly scale migration and begin their journey to the cloud.

As a self-managed solution, you maintain control over every aspect of the SQL environment, while our data architects work to transition your legacy systems to AWS EC2.

Rehosting | lift and shift

From set-up and configuration, to component tuning, scalability and security, InfoMagnus delivers opportunity for organizations migrating to the cloud.

Migrate a SQL database “as is”
Avoids a costly refresh cycle
Minimal changes to SQL Server application architecture or data
Easier to optimize and re-architect when running in the cloud
Familiar administrative experience
Full control over your environment
All SQL features available
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