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advanced analytics and customer engagement services with AWS Pinpoint & Connect

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building the future, together

we help clients extend and scale with AWS Pinpoint

Our people work closely with Amazon product teams to build uniquely-tailored customer engagement platforms using AWS’ suite of services.

We optimize every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to drive desired outcomes for the customer and your business.

AWS Pinpoint & Connect

a commitment to client success every step of the way

We believe when customer engagement is done right, it has the power to create alignment across an organization, elicits confidence when customers' needs change and creates top-of-mind-awareness to achieve the intended inbound growth companies are looking for.

Pinpoint capabilities
Targeted Communications & Analytics
Email/ SMS/ Push/ WhatsApp/ Conversational Messaging/ Voice
Dynamic Audience Segmentation
Campaign Management
Customer Journey Workflow Automation
Personalized Message Templates
Mobile & Web Analytics
Campaign & Deliverability Analytics
Connect capabilities
Omni-Channel Contact Center
Skills-Based Routing
Natural Language IVR & Chat
Unified Customer Profiles
Caller Voice Authentication
Real-Time Speech & Sentiment Analysis
AI-Enhanced Agent Assistance
AI-Enhanced Alerting & Escalation
Task Management
Real-Time & Historical Analytics
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building the future, together

customer engagement analytics with the power of AWS Pinpoint

We help clients develop a unified 360-degree view of their customers, while providing a robust analytics, reporting and real-time monitoring solution, which:

Is easily accessible and intuitive for marketing and business users.
Enhances native Pinpoint analytics for a better understanding of the customer.
Integrates other data sources to provide a complete 360° customer view.
technology platforms
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We establish and commit to your success utilizing today’s top technology platforms and partnerships.
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extended analytics
achieve a higher level of customer fascination

Develop a deeper understanding of who your customers are, what they desire, why they engage and what channels of communication they prefer.

We harness the power of user data and provide an array of customer analytics that help you achieve your goals, faster.

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Unlimited historical data
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Drill-down to details from any level
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Campaign performance comparison and trending
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Customer analytics (across multiple endpoints)
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Enhanced journey analytics​
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Enhanced web/app event analytics
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Framework for advanced analytics and ML-driven insights
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