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Captis Intelligence: Global Industry Leader in Security and Crime Prevention.

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The Client
Project Category
Cloud Migration
Mobile Application
Data Storage and Management
Facial Recognition
Machine Learning
Industry Vertical
Security | Crime Management | Crime Analysis | Retail | Consumer Goods
Since June 2016

Delivering a frontline solution in criminal disruption and subject identification with AWS.

In 2016, Captis Intelligence teamed with InfoMagnus to launch the world’s first subject intelligence system called Solve A Crime ­­– a worldwide crime solving community with more than 20 million registered users and 30,000 locations nationwide according to the Captis website.

Together with InfoMagnus, that single offering has grown to multiple industry-first interconnected products. The Captis I-4 system, which stands for: Intelligence, Information, Investigation, Identification, not only answers the complex demands on security professionals, it creates the ability to operate on the offensive; a comprehensive cloud-based platform that provides intelligence on a pre- and post-crime incident basis to identify and deter criminal activity resulting in significant crime reduction and prevention.

The advancement of the I-4 solution utilizes a number of AWS services, tools and functionalities that provide more than security: the technology delivers optimized asset protection processes; significantly reduces costs; elevates strain on local law enforcement agencies, and proactively manages risk for clients and local communities.

What We Did
Implementation of a content deliver network (CDN) via Amazon Cloudfront
Distribution of incoming application traffic across multiple targets using Elastic Load Balancer
Provided secure, resizable compute capacity to the cloud via Amazon EC2
Delivered object storage services via Amazon S3
Implemented Amazon Rekognition and AWS Fargate for detection and machine learning video analysis

The business challenge: Build a highly engaged community of individuals to assist in deterring and solving crime.

Today's law enforcement agencies face a number of obstacles in their efforts to help deter criminal activity and solve crimes throughout the nation: underfunded and understaffed agencies simply cannot provide the resources needed to maintain the high volumes of incidents within a geographic area.

Despite significant technological advances, more than 60% of the crimes committed in the United States go unsolved. That national statistic has not improved in over a decade. The rapid expansion of surveillance systems has played a key role in providing evidence of specific crime incidents to law enforcement, but the chances of identifying the suspect remain low: scaled-back law enforcement agencies across the country are expected to conduct costly and labor-intensive investigations on a rapidly increasing flow of crime incidents captured on private surveillance systems.

Captis Intelligence’s (SAC) platform supports a database of more than 500GB, housing some 73 million persons of interest (POI); 53 million crime feed records and 2,600 active crimes waiting to be solved.

Navigating Change with the Captis SAC Platform: Preparing for Future Growth.

Built for large amounts of immediate “minute-interactions”,’s patented technology utilizes advanced analytics and algorithms and over a dozen forms of digital communication to harness the power of meaningful community engagement. The vast Captis Community is comprised of 10’s of millions of participants, multiple social media conduits, community watch organizations, micro-influencers, virtual communities, and localized digital media. Through its amplification by social reaction, the network of viewers multiplies.

Captis Intelligence partnered with InfoMagnus to develop the SAC platform from the ground up. The initial scope of the project included the implementation of nine public resources using create, read, update, delete (CRUD) endpoints, which included users on the platform, organizations, incidents within a geographic area and POIs.

Throughout development of the Captis SAC platform, the InfoMagnus team was able to pivot and respond swiftly to changes within the initial scope of the project: Whether it was adding additional entities; writing advanced business logic to support database requirements; capturing all research and development activities, and internal support operations for the webbapp, admin, app, api servers and batch servers. In order to plan and scale for the future and meet demands, InfoMagnus relied on Amazon Rekognition and AWS Fargate for detection and machine learning video analysis.

From The Client
"The team at InfoMagnus delivered the right technologies and support for our industry-first, product, allowing us to achieve the desired timeframe and take the product to market."
– Dario Brebric, President of Captis Intelligence

Exceeding Expectations with InfoMagnus: Delivering Projects on Time and Within Budget.

As a trusted technology partner, InfoMagnus was able to exceed expectations by delivering an execution branch and following the clients requirements to exacting specifications. Any time there was a deviation, such as time constraints, it was managed and delivered on time and within budget.

One example included the high-visibility Milestone integration, which included the implementation of a sophisticated customer user experience to drive a more rapid and user-friendly on-boarding experience.

InfoMagnus technologists were also able to meet expectations for Captis Intelligence and reduce costs by cleaning irrelevant data in the database of corrupt and inaccurate records, while resolving performance issues using a number of strategic hands-on workarounds, including a ramp-up of the technology stack via Spring-Everything.

Adapting to Change and Scaling Up: Growing a Research and Design Team for Future Needs.

Captis Intelligence's platform has expanded from an initial engagement of three months to more than five years. The team delivered value by addressing changes quickly and professionally, while growing our research and design organization to 10 developers to support incoming requests.

In more than 70% of cases, SAC has resulted in a significant reduction in future criminal incidents occurring at a given location. Captis has been successful in identifying, locating and assisting in the apprehension of criminals as well as in the generation of publicity about crimes being committed and solved, resulting in a significant reduction in theft incidents at businesses using the site. Today, the Captis SAC platform has more than 2,344 active crime listings, by which the public has contributed and solved some 143 crimes.

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