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GeoStamp: Optimizing the efficiency of trucking fleets at shipping terminals.

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The Client
Project Category
Cloud Migration
Software Application Development
Advanced Analytics
Business Intelligence
Industry Vertical
Shipping | Trucking | Marine Terminals | Rail Yards
Since August 2016

GeoStamp is a software solution designed with drayage in mind.

GeoStamp is a software that optimizes the efficiency of trucking fleets at terminals to increase the total number of moves transacted. This is achieved by providing a variety of views, allowing an operations team to identify bottlenecks and to uncover areas for improvement.

GeoStamp offers the user analytical insights that allows for historical views or real-time perspective. GeoStamp easily integrates into GPS providers, dispatch systems and financial systems.

The custom software developed by InfoMagnus currently measures turn times for more than 9,000 trucks in over 500 facilities and is used by trucking companies, container shipping companies, by marine terminal operators and rail yard operators. Seven trucking associations and eight government entities trust GeoStamp to deliver accurate and real-time data.

What We Did
Implementation of Microsoft .NET Framework
Implementation of Microsoft Azure
Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Power BI

The business challenge: To improve the efficacy of shipping port terminal operations.

Before InfoMagnus stepped in to build technology that would assist in measuring turn time–the amount of time it takes a cargo truck to enter the port terminal, load or unload its cargo, and exit the port terminal–the process was a complex and often a manual effort.

The industry needed an automated and more reliable way to capture turn time. A lack of reliable, real-time measurement led to traffic congestion in the port and long wait times for trucking companies. This translated into lost opportunity and lost revenue. It also meant that the port terminals had a lack of consistent data by which to measure their own performance.

Making Moves: How GeoStamp Automates Turn Time and Increases Business Efficiency.

With technology powered by InfoMagnus, Transportation Software Solutions (TSS) developed a product called GeoStamp. GeoStamp software automates the collection of turn time and provides accurate data by which to make real-time decisions and measure performance. The product works seamlessly with GPS providers to collect data and deliver clear, accessible analytics. This allows GeoStamp clients to develop greater efficiency in their business and increase the total number of moves transacted.

The software provides a variety of data views, allowing an operations team to identify traffic bottlenecks and uncover areas for improvement.

GeoStamp also offers trucking management system and invoice integration that provides a seamless and transparent syntheses with financial systems. The software operates exclusively in the cloud and requires little to no management.

Individual companies purchase data subscription for approximately $1,500 per month. Larger organizations, such as port authorities, purchase aggregate data for $6,000 per month.

From The Client
"We significantly increased our revenue per truck as a result of GeoStamp developing a SaaS based trucks monitoring system that integrated GPS, dispatch and accounting systems."
– Brian Griley, President and CEO, Southern Counties Express

Turning Up the Efficiency: Using Clear Data to Improve Port Terminal Performance.

The access to clear, real-time, actionable data is improving performance measurement and port terminal efficacy. Marine terminal operators have become more efficient and can compare their performance with other port terminals. They now have a better mechanism to help them pinpoint areas of improvement.

GeoStamp currently measures turn time for approximately 9,000 trucks and over 500 facilities including marine terminals, rail yards, distribution centers, warehouses, customer yards, storage yards and transportation corridors.

It is used by trucking companies, container shipping companies, marine terminal operators, and rail yards.

Reassurance on the Road: How Automation & Seamless Billing Improve Customer Service for Trucking Companies.

Trucking companies have been able to increase revenue. Based on predictions and aggregate reports, they can choose the fastest terminals, therefore increasing the amount of total transactions. They also have a mechanism to accurately bill their client for wait time at the port terminals. Trucking companies can use performance data to negotiate contract pricing.  

The data enables them to show customers how their performance compares to other trucking companies.

Automation has improved real-time data accuracy. With dispatch integration, container number, leg type, and other relevant customer information is available that allows for seamless billing and reduced manual processes. The customers of GeoStamp trucking companies no longer have to rely on physical tickets or verbal validation. GeoStamp reports are irrefutable.

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