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CB Resources: Helping community banks synchronize business performance and risk management priorities.

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The Client
Project Category
Data Analytics
Business Intelligence
SaaS-Based Solution
Web Portals
Industry Vertical
Enterprise Risk Management | Strategic Planning | Capital Planning | Compliance
Since May 2015

Incorporating the entire FDIC database to measure key metrics.

Recognized by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine as a Top 10 Risk Management and Compliance Company in 2019, CB-Resources is a risk management and planning firm located in Irvine, California.

Its primary focus is to help community banks synchronize their business performance and risk management priorities. CBR seamlessly integrates Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Planning, and Capital Planning solutions.

When CB-Resources needed to update their client experience and ensure their data was well-prepared and clean, they turned to InfoMagnus to develop a SaaS-based solution called CB BankAnalytics™. Today, the solution incorporates more than 20 million bank records, while the system can track and report on over 125 key risk trends.

What We Did
Developed on the Microsoft Azure platform
Automated data retrieval and preparation
Intuitive, user-friendly dashboards delivered via web portal
CB BankAnalytics™ interface is built o the .NET framework

The business challenge: to help community banks measure their performance and manage risk based upon financial ratios.

For over two decades, CBR has been providing a variety of financial models to community banks. These models allow for comparison of a bank’s financial ratios against the overall banking industry or a segment of the industry that is comparable to the bank itself.

CBR wanted to improve their clients’ experience by updating the user interface and ensuring the data was as fresh as possible.

Unlocking Profitability: How CB BankAnalytics™ is Transforming the Way Banks Access Financial Models.

CBR partnered with InfoMagnus to create a SaaS-based solution called CB BankAnalytics™. It allows individual banks to log into a portal-based solution and access hundreds of financial models.

Individual banks can easily review their own performance, compare against the entire banking industry or one segment, access models that support “what if” analysis when the bank’s assets under management change, and access data that facilitates expansion plans.

CBR’s clients find it indispensable when focusing on growth, profitability, efficiency and value creation. They say it is ideal for strategic or capital planning, risk management, M&A, and regulatory compliance.

From The Client
"Infomagnus stepped in and assumed the role of CTO, CIO and CISO in leading the development of our community bank risk management and analytics platform.”
– Jeff Rigsby, CEO CB Resource

Unlimited Possibilities: Empowering Banks to Make Informed Decisions on Risk Management and Financial Forecasting.

The solution incorporates the entire FDIC database consisting of financial reports provided by all banks in the United States. There are over 20 million bank records in database.

The system can track and report on over 125 key risk trends. It can also create up to 8 five-year “forecast/what if” scenarios per institution.

A Partnership of Innovation: How CBR and InfoMagnus are Leading the Way in Financial Software Solutions.

CB BankAnalytics™ has been in production for three years and is quickly becoming a standard for managing performance and risk by community banks.

The SaaS system transforms the user experience from an Excel-based file solution to a subscription-based platform that is user friendly, current, and collaborative in nature. It now is the primary means of interaction between CBR and its clients.

Today InfoMagnus continues to partner with CBR to develop new functions. InfoMagnus’ offshore development resources provide maintenance and support for the daily needs of CBR clients.

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