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Element Fleet Management's Migration from GHES to GHEC.

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The Client
Project Category
GitHub Migration: GHES to GHEC Flashcut Migration
Risk Mitigation
IT Infrastructure Improvement
System Integration
Business Continuity
Industry Vertical
Trucking | Fleet Management | B2B | B2C

Harnessing Advanced Technology to Drive Operational Excellence and Innovation.

With over 70 years of experience in fleet management, Element Fleet Management has been instrumental in servicing over 5,500 clients across 700+ industries, managing $15B in assets and a fleet of 1.5M vehicles. Their team of 2,500+ employees spread across 11 offices in 5 geographies drive value through collaboration, continuous improvement, and unrivaled expertise, simplifying complexities in areas such as electric vehicle transition and predictive analytics.

Their innovative technology system, Xcelerate, is designed to provide clients with access to the fleet information they need, when and how they need it. This user-first design provides a central hub for fleet data, empowering users to optimize the performance.

In 2023, Element Fleet, in collaboration with InfoMagnus, initiated a project to migrate their source code repositories from GHES to GHEC. This strategic project was aimed at achieving greater agility, streamlined operations, and better scalability, and at the same time, ensuring the reintegration of existing systems utilized by their development teams, namely Jenkins and Run book.

What We Did
GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES): InfoMagnus navigated the migration away from GHES, an end-of-life software, alleviating the associated risks.
GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC): By moving Element Fleet's source code repositories to GHEC, InfoMagnus enabled the company to leverage an advanced cloud-based environment with updated security measures and regular system updates.
Git: InfoMagnus utilized Git for a seamless transfer of the source control system with full history, ensuring the preservation of valuable development data during the migration from GHES to GHEC.
Jenkins: InfoMagnus ensured the reintegration of Jenkins in the new GHEC environment. This continuity allowed Element Fleet's development teams to continue utilizing familiar tools, minimizing disruption and aiding productivity.
Run book: InfoMagnus guaranteed the reintegration of Run book within the GHEC environment, enabling uninterrupted workflow for the development teams while advancing the efficiency of system operations.

The Business Challenge: Navigating the Risks of End-of-Life Software.

Prior to the migration, Element Fleet Management faced significant challenges arising from their reliance on end-of-life (EOL) software. The legacy version of their GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) had become unsupported, which exposed the organization to several potential risks.

Notably, the risk of security breaches increased due to a lack of ongoing updates and patches from the software provider, leaving their system susceptible to evolving cyber threats. Additionally, the potential for data loss became a substantial concern, as EOL software often lacks support for modern data protection and recovery solutions. Finally, the specter of system downtime loomed, as the lack of technical support could result in extended outage periods in the event of system issues, with potentially disruptive impacts on operations.

Business Goals: Eliminating Risks and Enhancing Operational Efficiency.

The migration to GHEC opened new opportunities. With access to the latest features and functionalities offered by GHEC, the company could enhance its competitiveness and better support its business objectives. Having mitigated the primary risk to their systems, the team could shift their focus to leveraging these new features and capabilities.

With guidance from InfoMagnus, Element Fleet was able to assess the potential benefits of these features, prioritize their implementation, and develop a robust plan to integrate them into their operations. This strategic approach has positioned the organization to improve the overall performance of their organization and teams, underpinning their ongoing leadership in the global fleet management sector.

The successful migration has also paved the way for the Element team to consider a complete decommission of the old GHES environment. This step would further enhance the security and stability of their system infrastructure, solidifying their commitment to harnessing the best technologies in service of their clients. The strategic partnership with InfoMagnus has played a key role in aligning the organizations IT infrastructure with its ambitious business goals.

From The Client
With guidance from InfoMagnus, Element Fleet was able to assess the potential benefits of these features, prioritize their implementation, and develop a robust plan to integrate them into their operations.

Technical Solution: Seamless Migration and Enhanced Security Infrastructure.

InfoMagnus worked meticulously to plan and implement the migration process. The primary focus was to ensure a seamless transition of source code repositories with full history from GHES to GHEC. This effort was paramount in reducing the potential risks of security breaches, data loss, and system downtime.

And because the GHES version Element Fleet was on, the typical migration tools made available to GitHub users would not be effective in the migration of their environment. InfoMagnus was able to develop custom scripting to facilitate the seamless transfer of data from the GHES environment to the new GHEC environment.

Business Outcome: A Successful Migration Paving the Way for Future Innovation.

The strategic partnership between Element Fleet Management and InfoMagnus culminated in a robust technical solution that addressed critical business challenges and aligned with the organizations ambitious goals. This collaboration led to the successful migration of Element Fleet’s repositories from the legacy GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) to the more advanced GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC).

While the primary focus of the project was risk mitigation through migration from the legacy software, Element Fleet eagerly anticipates exploring the additional features associated with their new GHEC environment. However, this exploration is regarded as a benefit of migration rather than the project's primary focus.

In essence, the successful migration from GHES to GHEC not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Element Fleet, but also set the foundation for future growth and innovation. This collaborative effort has bolstered their position as a leader in its industry, equipped with a robust and modern IT infrastructure that’s built for the future.

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