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Retail Industry: Combining industry expertise and human insight with technology.

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The Client
Project Category
Cloud Migration
Custom Software Development
Business Intelligence
Advance Analytics
Category Management
Industry Vertical
Consumer Goods | Retail Products | Retail Stores
Since July 2019

Custom software that delivers streamlined efficiency across stores and distributors.

InfoMagnus partnered with the nations leading technology provider to the retail industry of customized solutions that increase sales and decrease costs for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Their innovative products combine industry expertise and human insight with technology.  

When the client reached out to InfoMagnus to develop a custom software solution, they wanted the product to be innately innovative, easily integrated and designed specifically to empower businesses through business intelligence, customer care, category management, and consolidated invoicing.

As their trusted technology partner, InfoMagnus was able to deliver an open source solution that services thousands of stores and represents $100s of millions in merchandise.

They are committed to revolutionizing the client experience while supporting growth. In its last three decades of service, they have proven to be a valuable leader in the industry and a true partner to its clients.

What We Did
Implementation of Amazon AWS
Implementation of Python
Implementation of Postgre SQL
Implementation of Tableau

The business challenge: Deliver the capability to order the correct amounts of product based on historical trends – automatically.

This retailer works as a middle layer between the manufacturer of retail products and the retail stores. Generally the stores order small quantities of product on a daily basis.

They make educated guesses as to how much product to put in their delivery trucks and many times they are not carrying the correct amounts. This causes reduced sales by the store and another trip by the partners to deliver the correct product.

This solution takes into account historical trends and provides intelligence on how much product to carry for each store for any given day. Through the use of historical sales, prior deliveries and other variables, the system is able to recommend proper quantities for each store that can typically help retailers see a minimum of 2 percent sales growth.

Business Efficiency: Analyze Relevant Data and Assigning The Appropriate Supply Quantities for Each Store.

InfoMagnus helped the client create a system which takes into account relevant data from various sources and present quantities of merchandise to load in each vehicle for each store being visited that day. The software allows customers to streamline communication, align digitally, stay alert and personalize the software to their needs.

The system continues to learn as  more information is provided by the client, making the solution adaptable and SMART.

From The Client
We view ourselves as true partners of the industry, and our products help our customers manage and grow their businesses.

Enabling Instant, Effective Communication Through Seamlessly Integrated Software.

Serving thousands of stores across the east coast and representing $100’s of millions in merchandise, the level of impact is broad.

As their trusted technology partner, the client was able to provide retailers and distributors with a way to instantly and effectively communicate through turnkey software, designed to be used daily, understood simply, and integrated seamlessly.

The custom software has been proven to integrate seamlessly and deliver more efficient communication that allows for faster response times and reducing the frequency and duration of service issues.

Optimizing Accuracy: How InfoMagnus Increased Sales by 60% with Custom-Built Software.

The custom software developed by InfoMagus delivered a more than 60% improvement in accuracy with a more difficult calculation of increase sales due to availability of product in all stores.

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