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Developer Platform Assessment Solutions

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accelerate innovation

Accelerating Business Performance through Developer Velocity

Empowering developers, fostering an environment that promotes innovation, and eliminating friction are key to enhancing business performance through software development. This capability is commonly referred to as 'Developer Velocity' by industry leaders.

In this tailored consultation, a InfoMagnus expert will work with the key stakeholders to determine the scope of the assessment, gather objective and subjective information from systems, stakeholders and key players included into the software delivery and provide the recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness focused on people, processes, and tools.  

Developer Platform Assessment
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Boost Your Software Development Performance with InfoMagnus' Developer Platform Assessment.

InfoMagnus experts start by conducting a thorough analysis of your current developer platform, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable insights to help you reach your goals.

Our assessment will also provide an understanding of how your platform's performance compares to industry standards, and will help you identify opportunities to optimize performance and reach your target developer velocity.

Don't let friction and inefficiencies slow down your software development process. With our developer platform assessment, you'll have the information you need to empower your developers and create the right environment for them to innovate, resulting in improved business performance.

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Optimizing Team Workflows and Managing Change: A Comprehensive Assessment and Implementation Approach.
  • Assess current team workflows and map to recommended new approaches
  • Guide users through change management
  • Identify short- and long-term improvements to your workflows
  • Increase visibility into all stages of a software development lifecycle
  • Understand the capabilities of the development platform for tracking and automating deployments
  • Evaluate industry options available for building, validating, and deploying code
Streamlining Project Management and Improving Development Efficiency.
  • Identify and understand your current projects and their architectures
  • Meet with key stakeholders and development team members to review current processes
  • Review current feature roadmaps and backlogs, velocity, and identify what complicates change and what resists change
  • Examine your current developer toolchain and customize a workshop for your development team
  • Review security and compliance needs for your organization. Find the opportunities in compliance
  • Review Quality Assurance and test procedures and tools
Improving Lead Time, Implementation, and Recovery Time with Expert Recommendations.
  • Developer Velocity Index Score: a score based on an industry standard: 
  • Assessment Report: This report contains all our findings and recommendations based on the face-to-face conversations with the key people in your team
  • DevOps Roadmap: a clear roadmap with concrete and practical steps to improve your lead time, implementation frequency, failure rate and recovery time
  • Presentation: We present the most important results from our report to the gathered stakeholders and give concrete advice for the future
  • (Optional) Live demonstration using the “Day in a Life Of …” approach
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why infomagnus?

Clients who are proactive about enabling their organization and look to leverage technology to improve their SW development maturity know the importance of working with a trusted partner. At InfoMagnus, we’ve built our GitHub practice through hundreds of hours of focused trainings that support modern development maturity models.

As an Advanced GitHub Partner, we create enablement through a SW engineering lens that delivers an increase in developer efficiencies, puts teams in a position to understand and deliver on best practices, reduce errors and propel releases faster and with more efficiency.

We partner with you to ensure our model and methodology delivers the best possible experience with an experienced team of implementation, develops engineers and solution architects all verified by GitHub to deliver services on behalf of GitHub.