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GitHub Source Code Systems Migration

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Source code systems migration

Migrating data and developer workflows can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Our comprehensive migration services package helps companies move their data and CI/CD developer workflows onto the GitHub Enterprise platform securely and efficiently, ensuring that your developers can continue to work seamlessly and collaborate effectively, while modernizing your IT infrastructure to expand capacity and optimize business operations.

Our experts work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a tailored migration plan that meets your unique requirements, while delivering on-going support and managed services throughout the entire process.

Source Code Systems Migration
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Fueling Innovation and Efficiency: Our Commitment to Delivering Great Software

Our commitment to delivering great software requires that our developers are enabled to be innovative and efficient. Therefore, we rely heavily on the use of technology and GitHub is at the center of our software development ecosystem.

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The Standard Migration scopes supported for this engagement are the VCS sources listed below:
  • Examine migration scenarios and best practices
  • Expert advice on approaches for source VCS to Git migration
  • Crafting of repeatable playbooks, enabling future self-serve migrations
InfoMagnus Engineers assess and work to migrate your VCS sources to the GitHub Enterprise target.
  • Documentation of migration process and considerations
  • Clean-up of large binaries
  • Consolidation, clean-up of branches
  • Version control history trimming
  • Review legacy VCS to Git migration utilities
  • Aid in legacy VCS to Git history migration dry-runs
  • Crafting of repeatable playbooks, enabling future self-serve migrations
We present our findings to ensure the next phase reflects the environment and desired outcomes.
  • Developer Velocity Assessment with roadmap
  • Cost estimate for GH operations
  • Prepare repositories for Git
  • Complete migration dry-runs
  • Fully configured/ customized GitHub system (Cloud or On-Prem)
  • Trained staff
  • On-going support and managed services
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why infomagnus?

Clients who are proactive about enabling their organization and look to leverage technology to improve their SW development maturity know the importance of working with a trusted partner. At InfoMagnus, we’ve built our GitHub practice through hundreds of hours of focused trainings that support modern development maturity models.

As an Advanced GitHub Partner, we create enablement through a SW engineering lens that delivers an increase in developer efficiencies, puts teams in a position to understand and deliver on best practices, reduce errors and propel releases faster and with more efficiency.

We partner with you to ensure our model and methodology delivers the best possible experience with an experienced team of implementation, develops engineers and solution architects all verified by GitHub to deliver services on behalf of GitHub.