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GitHub Enterprise Cloud Implementation

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Implementation GitHub Enterprise

Is your software development process in need of an upgrade? Let InfoMagnus help you harness the power of GitHub Enterprise Cloud, the central hub for software development.

With our team of implementation experts, we'll handle the configuration and management of your GitHub Enterprise Cloud account, allowing your organization to focus on what matters most - developing innovative software. We work closely with you to tailor the platform to your specific needs, ensuring that your team can collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Don't let outdated processes hold you back any longer, let InfoMagnus help you take your software development to the next level with GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Implementation of GitHub Enterprise Cloud
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Streamline Your Software Development with Expert GitHub Enterprise Cloud Consulting from InfoMagnus.

Our team of implementation experts work closely with you to tailor the GitHub Enterprise Cloud to your specific needs. After the implementation is completed, we ensure your team is fully equipped to make the most out of GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Partner with us today to take your software development to the next level.

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Maximize Team Success with Expert GitHub Enterprise Cloud Configuration and Management.
  • Configuring your GitHub Enterprise Cloud account
  • Ensuring authentication and security needs are met
  • Selecting appropriate integrations
  • Essential practices that lead to team success

Setting Up Your Organization For Future Success With GitHub.
  • Creating your business’ cloud organization on
  • Configuring security policies (SAML, 2FA, permissions, etc)
  • Inviting each employee to the organization
  • Reviewing essential best practices for users and teams
  • Leveraging GitHub Pages
  • Leveraging repository and organization webhooks for integrations
Delivering Business Outcomes That Drive Value To Your Organization.
  • Improved collaboration and communication among teams: GitHub Enterprise Cloud enables teams to work together seamlessly and share code, feedback, and ideas in real-time.
  • Increased productivity: With features like version control, code review, and project management, GitHub Enterprise Cloud helps streamline the development process, making it more efficient and effective.
  • Better code quality: The code review feature allows teams to review and approve code changes, which can lead to higher quality code and fewer bugs.
  • Increased security: GitHub Enterprise Cloud offers advanced security features such as SAML, 2FA, permissions, and more, to help organizations keep their code and data secure.
  • Compliance: With GitHub Enterprise Cloud, organizations can meet specific regulatory requirements and compliance standards, such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and others.
  • Scalability: GitHub Enterprise Cloud is designed to scale with an organization's growth, allowing teams to add more users and repositories as needed.
  • Integration with other tools: GitHub Enterprise Cloud allows teams to integrate with other tools such as Jira, Slack, and CI/CD tools, which can help streamline the development process.
  • Flexibility: With cloud-based deployment, organizations can access their code from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, which can help to increase flexibility and reduce downtime.
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why infomagnus?

Clients who are proactive about enabling their organization and look to leverage technology to improve their SW development maturity know the importance of working with a trusted partner. At InfoMagnus, we’ve built our GitHub practice through hundreds of hours of focused trainings that support modern development maturity models.

As an Advanced GitHub Partner, we create enablement through a SW engineering lens that delivers an increase in developer efficiencies, puts teams in a position to understand and deliver on best practices, reduce errors and propel releases faster and with more efficiency.

We partner with you to ensure our model and methodology delivers the best possible outcome with an experienced team of implementation, DevOps engineers and solution architects all verified by GitHub to deliver services on behalf of GitHub.