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GitHub Skill Lab course development

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Invest in Your Team’s Growth: How Skill Lab Courses from InfoMagnus Help Enhance Competencies and Streamline Organization-Specific Training.

From streamlining workflows to teaching teams new skills, GitHub Skill Lab courses from InfoMagnus can help companies of all sizes invest in the growth of their teams.

Our training is geared towards helping teams of all sizes polish their skills and inspire them to learn new competencies. We’ll work with you to build Skill Lab courses tailored to your organization's policies, workflows, and pipeline. It's time to minimize the burden for your busy training team by providing a unique, tailored curriculum that matches your company and environment.

Skill Lab Course Development
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Take Your Organizations Skills To The Next Level.

In this tailored consulting engagement, our implementation experts will work with the representatives of the target audience and content writers to determine the desired learning outcomes, flow and content. These dynamic, step-by-step guided labs are tailored to the specific needs of your organization, leveraging existing resources and open-source standards from GitHub Enterprise. With these labs, you will have the opportunity to not only learn and experiment but also to take control of your learning experience.

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Building a Self-Guided Lab Experience with GitHub Workflows: Tailoring content to your organization, utilizing existing resources and supported by developers.
  • Implement self-guided labs powered by GitHub workflows  
  • Dynamic step-by-step guided workflow with content specific to the organization
  • Uses existing GitHub Enterprise resources and open-source standards  
  • Delivers the lab content supported in the future by customer content developers
Implementing a Skill Lab System: Initial Sessions, Content Writer Support, Real-Time Interactions, and GitHub Repository Integration.
  • Initial and follow-up sessions to determine the lab exercises
  • Training and supporting of content writers to utilize GitHub Pages and markup language
  • Inviting each employee to the organization
  • Implementing the ab workflows using Skill Lab accelators
  • Integrating with external systems via CLI or API (e.g. Azure, AWS, other SaaS and on-prem applications) to drive real-time interactions between the student users and the guided lab flow
  • Leveraging GitHub repositories to organize the test and production environment for Skill Lab implementation
Upskilling and Training Students with the Skill Lab.
  • Use the skill lab to upskill and train students within your organization
  • Self-supported content development using GitHub tools and open-source standards
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why infomagnus?

Clients who are proactive about enabling their organization and look to leverage technology to improve their SW development maturity know the importance of working with a trusted partner. At InfoMagnus, we’ve built our GitHub practice through hundreds of hours of focused trainings that support modern development maturity models.

As an Advanced GitHub Partner, we create enablement through a SW engineering lens that delivers an increase in developer efficiencies, puts teams in a position to understand and deliver on best practices, reduce errors and propel releases faster and with more efficiency.

We partner with you to ensure our model and methodology delivers the best possible experience with an experienced team of implementation, develops engineers and solution architects all verified by GitHub to deliver services on behalf of GitHub.