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GitHub Actions

Our Actions training allows teams to begin leveraging GitHub Actions in their own projects, while highlighting its core functionalities across a multitude of use cases, including: CI, CD, administrative tasks, project management, and more.

We give teams ample time to engage with our GitHub Actions experts through presentation and demos and Q&A sessions.

When training is finished, teams will understand how to automate their own workflows and understand key concepts like workflow syntax, secrets management, runners, how to build custom actions, and best practices.

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Team Leads
  • DevOps Teams
  • Engineering Managers

Delivery Method

  • Delivery Method: Microsoft Teams Meeting
  • Delivery Environment: Online class with live instructor and virtual slides displaying content.
  • Timezones Available: United States, Global
  • Class Duration: 6 hours (split into two, 3-hour meetings)
  • Participants: Maximum 20


  • A user account on
  • Basic understanding of DevOps practices and processes (specifically Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment).
  • Basic knowledge of Git and GitHub platform.


Our training is structured as a mix between presentations, demos, and Q&A.

We start by exploring the basics of GitHub Actions, what it’s generally used for as well as some examples on how people have employed it within their own projects or teams.

Key Features and Benefits

Gain a comprehensive grasp of automation within GitHub, as this segment of the workshop will enlighten you on the architecture and intricacies of GitHub Actions, paving the way for advanced CI/CD practices and streamlined deployment processes.

  • Understand the key components of GitHub Actions.
  • Improve the developer experience.
  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks.
  • Learn how to use GitHub Actions to solve common use cases.
  • Learn how to leverage actions built by the community.
  • Explore how GitHub Actions can benefit your own projects.
  • Understand how to apply best practices.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn the art and science of automating your development processes and setting the stage for a sophisticated CI/CD pipeline, including:

  • GitHub Actions workflow fundamentals.
  • YAML and workflow syntax.
  • Authoring workflows.
  • Understand and author GitHub Actions.
  • Building workflows for CI/CD.
  • Secrets and Environments.
  • Using and managing runners.
  • Administrative features and policies.
  • Sharing actions and workflows.
Learning Outcomes

Gain comprehensive expertise in GitHub Actions through our specialized training, which equips you with the knowledge to understand and implement YAML syntax, write effective workflows, and respond to triggering events.

The course also focuses on advanced concepts like managing different types of actions, optimizing runner hosting options, and mastering staged deployments using secrets and environments.

By the end, you'll be adept at utilizing workflow templates and creating reusable workflows, significantly enhancing your GitHub proficiency.

  • Understand basic components and vocabulary of GitHub Actions.
  • Understand YAML syntax (scalar types, quotes, literal blocks, maps, and sequences).
  • Understand the workflow syntax and how to write workflows.
  • Understand events that can trigger workflows.
  • Learn the context and expression syntax and workflow commands.
  • Know the different types of actions and how to create/publish them.
  • Understand the different hosting options for runners.
  • Use secrets and environments for staged deployments.
  • Workflow templates and reusable workflows.
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