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GitHub API Training

In this hands-on session, participants gain direct access to program content typically navigated through a user interface.

With InfoMagnus expertise, GitHub's Application Programming Interface (API) becomes a powerful tool for extending the platform, accommodating various modern workflows, and facilitating easy retrieval of necessary data.

Target Audience

  • DevOps
  • Developers
  • GitHub Administrators

Delivery Method

  • Delivery Method: Microsoft Teams Meeting
  • Delivery Environment: Online class with live instructor and virtual slides displaying content.
  • Timezones Available: United States, Global
  • Class Duration: 6 hours (split into two, 3-hour meetings)
  • Participants: Maximum 20



Dive into the world of GitHub's APIs in this hands-on session by InfoMagnus, where participants gain the skills to utilize GitHub's interface programming capabilities for enhancing platform functionality.

This workshop offers a deep dive into the practical use of GitHub's REST and GraphQL APIs, empowering attendees to tailor the platform to their unique workflow requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

Unlock the full potential of GitHub's API in this comprehensive training, designed to equip users with the knowledge to effectively utilize Octokit and other third-party libraries, test GitHub Apps and Webhooks, and build integrations with expert support.

This workshop is a gateway to mastering the art of data manipulation and extension on GitHub.

  • Enables users to send and retrieve data using the GitHub API.
  • Explores Octokit and third party libraries.
  • Tests GitHub Apps and Webhooks.
  • Builds a sample integration with support from an expert.
What You Will Learn

From API basics to advanced integration techniques, this training provides a thorough understanding of GitHub's API functionalities.

Participants will learn to navigate GitHub's extensive API documentation, experiment with webhook events, understand various authentication methods, and build their first custom integration under the guidance of our experienced Implementation Engineers.

  • Walkthrough of GitHub API documentation and example resources.
  • Review API examples and explore real-world use cases.
  • Authentication mechanisms and best practices.
  • Use of GitHub admin, organization, and repository Webhooks.
  • Work with GitHub Apps.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training, learners will be proficient in discovering and implementing effective API use cases, interacting with GitHub through REST or GraphQL, ensuring secure authentication, and extending GitHub's capabilities with their own API projects.

  • Discover productive API use cases.
  • Interact with GitHub using REST or GraphQL.
  • Implement secure authentication.
  • Extend GitHub with your API project.
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