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GitHub for Non-Developers

Having diverse skill sets and roles within a team leads to successful outcomes for an organization.

Our two-day hands-on training for “GitHub for Non-Developers” course focuses on teaching those that do not develop software for a living gain confidence to speak the language of GitHub, while teaching the basics on how to leverage the platform to improve their own work.

Target Audience

  • Those who work with developers
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance

Delivery Method

  • Delivery Method: Microsoft Teams Meeting.
  • Environment: Online class with live instructor and virtual slides displaying content.
  • Timezones Available: United States, GlobalClass Duration: 6 hours (split into two, 3-hour meetings).
  • Participants: Maximum 20.


  • A user account on
  • CircleCI and HeroKu accounts created
  • Access to a browser other than Internet Explorer


This hands-on engagement covers a broad range of technical and collaboration practices.

Activities include configuring integrations with the GitHub Platform and mapping real-life workflows.

Though the technical knowledge may vary depending on a trainee’s skill set as an individual learner, we will teach you how to collaborate effectively and show how work is done on GitHub by developers and non-developers alike.

Key Features and Benefits

In this workshop, we'll unlock the secrets of using GitHub not just as a version control system, but as a cornerstone for project management, content creation team collaboration and more.

  • Introduction to GitHub for collaboration, version control, project management, and content management.
  • Understand how every person fits into the bigger picture of software development.Increase transparency through collaboration best practices.
  • Use GitHub to document everything from markdown meeting notes to software documentation on GitHub Pages.
  • Introduction to the benefits of GitHub Platform capabilities, including DevOps, CI, and CD.

What You Will Learn

Discover how GitHub's versatile platform empowers every member of a software development team, enhancing transparency and streamlining workflows, while also exploring its expansive capabilities.

How work gets done on GitHub:

  • Core concepts of version control.
  • GitHub issues and projects.
  • Working with branches.
  • Collaborating on pull requests.
  • Translate idealogical models to real-world workflows.

Repository ownership:

  • Administrative settings and protected branches.

CI, CD, and software life-cycle on GitHub:

  • CircleCI, Heroku, and GitHub’s open platform.
  • Heroku review apps.
  • Working with forks.Interacting with integrations.

Documentation on GitHub:

  • Why documentation?
  • Creating documentation.
  • Documentation on GitHub Pages.
Learning Outcomes

Uncover the secrets of seamless teamwork, harness the power of automation, and learn to document and share our ideas effectively.

  • Collaborate on Git and GitHub.
  • Leverage integrations and automation.
  • Understand how work gets done on GitHub.
  • Create documentation on GitHub Pages.
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