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Standard Migration Workshop

This workshop centers on the accurate and efficient migration of Version Control System (VCS) data to your Enterprise platform account.

Drawing on InfoMagnus' extensive experience in migration efforts, our GitHub experts lead this in-depth 3-day, 9-hour session, providing valuable guidance and best practices.

Post-workshop reoccurring office hours are designed to help keep the conversation and the progress moving forward. Eight hours are typical, but office hours can be added in any quantity to ensure your team has the support it needs for success.

Target Audience

  • VCS Admins
  • GitHub Enterprise Admins
  • DevOps Engineers

Delivery Method

  • Delivery Method: Microsoft Teams Meeting
  • Delivery Environment: Online class with live instructor and virtual slides displaying content.
  • Timezones Available: United States, Global
  • Class Duration: 9 hours (split into three, 3-hour meetings)
  • Participants: Maximum 20


  • An SSH client.
  • Git 2.7 or greater.
  • Ensure every employee has a GitHub Enterprise Server account.


Our transformative three-day workshop led by InfoMagnus' GitHub experts is designed to streamline the migration of VCS data to your Enterprise platform.

This intensive session combines expert-led guidance with practical, post-workshop support, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for successful VCS to Git migrations.

Key Features and Benefits

Our experts provide insights into various migration scenarios, offering tailored advice and creating comprehensive playbooks for efficient, future migrations.

The Standard Migration scopes supported for this engagement are VCS sources listed below:

  • GitHub (pre-exsiting versions of supported GitHub instances).
  • GitLab, Bit Bucket examine migration scenarios and best practices.
  • Expert advice on approaches for source VCS to Git migration.
  • Crafting of repeatable playbooks, enabling future self-serve migrations.

*Note: Non-listed VCS are treated as third-party sources and are not supported via our Standard Migration Engagement.

What You Will Learn

In this workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience in the entire spectrum of VCS to Git migration processes.

From documentation strategies and branch cleanup to history trimming and dry-runs, learners will be equipped with the skills to execute migrations seamlessly.

  • Documentation of migration process and considerations.
  • Clean up of large binaries.
  • Consolidation, clean up of branches.
  • Version control history trimming.
  • Review source VCS to Git migration utilities.
  • Aid in source VCS to Git history migration dry-runs.
  • Crafting of repeatable playbooks, enabling future self-serve migrations.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this engagement, teams will emerge with a robust understanding of migration strategy formulation, repository preparation for Git, execution of migration dry-runs, and the ability to support actual production migrations, paving the way for smooth and efficient transitions to Git.

  • Create migration strategy.
  • Prepare repositories for Git.
  • Complete migration dry runs.
  • Support production migrations.
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