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Captis Intelligence and InfoMagnus Transform Crime-Solving Landscape Through AWS Migration.

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InfoMagnus, LLC
Sal Manzo
September 11, 2023

Captis Intelligence and InfoMagnus Transform Crime-Solving Landscape Through AWS Migration.

October 16, 2023 – (Huntington Beach, CA) – Captis Intelligence, a disruptor in the criminal investigation sector, and InfoMagnus, a leading IT solutions provider, announce the successful migration of their landmark product, Solve A Crime, to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic move catapults Captis into a new realm of operational agility, performance, and scalability, addressing the burgeoning demands of a global user base that has now crossed 20 million.

The Inflection Point: Addressing Business and Technological Challenges
Law enforcement agencies have been grappling with limited resources and a mounting backlog of unsolved crimes. Captis Intelligence's (SAC) platform aimed to bridge this yawning gap but encountered constraints in their existing IT infrastructure.

The AWS migration has been more than a technological pivot; it marks a paradigm shift aimed at optimizing both user engagement and operational efficiencies.

The Guts of the Migration: A Multi-layered Transformation
Dario Brebric, President of Captis Intelligence, notes that this wasn't "a mere transfer of assets" but rather a "full-scale digital transformation." AWS's vast, interconnected service landscape has become the linchpin for Solve A Crime's enhanced capabilities, from DNS transformation and content delivery to application and data migration.

DNS Transformation:
The transition from GoDaddy to AWS Route 53 wasn’t merely a change of venue but a strategic move to exploit Route 53’s robust routing capabilities.

Content Delivery Overhaul:
Switching from Cloudflare to AWS CloudFront has drastically improved content distribution, integrating seamlessly with AWS's other state-of-the-art services.

Application and Data Migration:
The core API servers and storage systems have been migrated to AWS EC2 and S3, simplifying the platform’s architecture and management operations.

Specialized Services:
Text indexing and face recognition technologies, once run on legacy systems, are now powered by AWS Elasticsearch and AWS Rekognition, respectively.

The Aftermath: A Paradigm Shift in Community-Driven Crime Solving
"The team at InfoMagnus delivered the right technologies and support for our industry-first, product, allowing us to achieve the desired timeframe and take the product to market," said Dario Brebric, President of Captis Intelligence.

Since the AWS migration, SAC has realized reductions in operational complexities, latency, and costs. With a now-optimized set of tools, Captis Intelligence can focus on what they do best: enhancing public safety and reducing crime.

About Captis Intelligence

Captis Intelligence disrupts the criminal investigation landscape with its Solve A Crime platform, now backed by an agile, scalable AWS architecture.

About InfoMagnus

InfoMagnus provides world-class IT solutions, offering unparalleled support in digital transformations like the one undertaken by Captis Intelligence.

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